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This short course is for very beginners and those who has learnt basic techniques and wants to learn/try further.

If you are a beginner you will start from learning a few varieties of clay and their different characteristics. Based on this you will learn how to work with them in varied shaping methods each week.
We will also go into a bit about surface decoration using sculpting tools, found objects and slips, and we glaze the pieces you made in the last session. Although, the main focus of this course is more on the forming methods.

If you are an experienced you can go on the wheel or work at the table hand-building. You'd like to bring your ideas, projects or maybe you'd like to focus on improving certain skills. I will be available for advise, help and demonstrations as you wish!

The course will run every Saturday morning for 3 hrs between 1000 and 1300, for 5 weeks starting 7th April. It is for a small group of only 6 people and is aiming to be casual and creative atmosphere.

Please come in with a notebook if you'd like to record your processes, which is very important to repeat the same result!
The course fee covers all materials and firings.

Day 1: 7th April / wedging, pinching and coiling

Day 2: 14th April / soft slab building

Day 3: 21st April / hard slab building

Day 4: 28th April / throwing

Day 5: 5th May / glazing

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