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In 10 weeks you will learn the basics of throwing on the potter's wheel. We recommend taking an introduction/beginner course before this as having some knowledge of handling clay at different stages/hardness helps.

First, we start the class with the very basic and very important techniques of wedging and throw simple shapes such as cylinders and bowls. You will also learn how to pull handles for mugs & cups and how to apply surface decoration using sculpting tools and slips. Hopefully, you will also learn to throw plates but we would like you to cover the basics first.

This course focuses on the skills to manage and control clay on the wheel. It is a small group class for only 4 - 5 people, and you will get my good attention.

This course fee does NOT include material and firing costs. The charge for this is small and roughly works out a £1.50 a mug

Day 1: 4th September / wedging, centring and throwing a cylinder shape

Day 2: 11th September / throwing & turning cylinder shape

Day 3: 18th September / throwing & turning cylinder shape plus surface treatment

Day 4: 25th September / throwing & turning cylinder shape pulling handles

Day 5: 2nd October / (maybe glazing a few pieces) throwing bowl shape

Day 6: 16th October / turning & throwing bowl shape

Day 7: 23rd October / turning & throwing bowl / enclosed shape

Day 8: 30th October / throwing your own design

Day 9: 6th November / turning

Day 10: 13th November / glazing

*This is a rough plan and it can be flexible.

Led by Mizuyo Yamashita

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