• Image of 1 day Nerikomi sunday March '20

Nerikomi, or Neriage is one of the ways to create interesting pottery surface/body using multiple coloured clays. The basic idea of the technique is the same with agateware and marbled ware, the pattern is in the clay body. In Japan, it was developed further to create geometric patterns, floral motifs and cartoon characters etc etc.

This whole-day session will give you an insight into the technique focusing on rather simple patterns. You will learn the very basic rules of handling clay, tips and tricks of the technique and how to design your patterns.
You will form the patterned clay you created into simple shapes such as plates and bowls, and we will finish them with a transparent glaze for you.

The course fee includes all the materials and firing cost. We'll have a one-hour lunch break. There are cafes and restaurants on Broadway market just around the corner from the studio. You can also bring your lunch to enjoy the view outside our studio if the weather is good. Hope you'll enjoy this fascinating technique of pattern making in clay.

This course is for a small group of 6 maximum.

The course is led by Mizuyo Yamashita

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